Carlota Amargós

Yoga Teacher / Professional Violinist / Vegan Chef

Morgan Palmer Hubbard

Yoga Teacher / DJ

Malwina Ostrowska

Yoga Teacher / Graphic Designer / Illustrator

NowHere Yoga is a project inspired by many things.

By the teachings of Yoga carried now across thousands of years and countless generations, and now coming into a new era of global awareness, with all the challenges to authenticity and effectiveness that such scaling requires. Each person’s practice and expression of yoga practice is necessarily personal and unique, while at the same time embodying the same underlying truths.

By the freedom of expression found in Temporary Autonomous Zones, found in diverse spaces from transformational festivals to ashrams, away from the layers of conditioning that modern urban cultures bequeath to us.

By the return to engage with the natural world, of moving outside the comfortable concrete cocoons we have developed around us to experience more vividly and more truthfully what it means to be a terrestrial life form.

By the strength and creativity we have cultivated through the practice and teaching of yoga.

Coming from backgrounds in the arts, in music, dance, fine art, theatre and bodywork, we seek to channel the multiplicity of creative juices flowing through us towards a common understanding of wellness in body, breath and awareness. NowHere Yoga is a project to bring together powerfully transformative movement and meditation practices and present them in an accessible way. While we only come to the learning we need at the appropriate time in our life, it must first be offered in a way that can be received.

The wilderness of outdoor practice in the powerful and intense environment of the desert where the festival takes place is both challenging and transformative, and completely aligned with the aim of this project. NowHere Yoga is an open and radically-inclusive project, lead by joyful and curious people willing to bring the practice of yoga beyond the mat and into festivals, nature and LIFE.

Welcome to your Here & Now !