1-3 May

Take Action · Stay Focused · Create the Future

Through Zoom with NowHere Yoga

Live Streaming from Amara Valley

◈ Energizing Yoga practices

◈ Breathwork & Pranayama Sessions

◈ Living Foods Cooking Class

◈ Meditations & Shamanic Journey

◈ Restorative Class & Live Music

After the great success of the Virtual Easter Retreat, we are coming back with another online offering from the forests of Amara Valley. This time we would like to invite you into a deep journey to really inquiry into how the current situation is impacting your life, how to keep healthy and motivated in the present moment and to cultivate the tools to envision the new possibilities after the quarantine.

What’s a Virtual Retreat?
This retreat will be an opportunity for you and for us all to create a space beyond the physical where we can share practices, information, and intimate time. We will provide the support for you to feel connected to the teachers and the rest of the group. It will give you the chance to learn and benefit as you would on a physical retreat, in the comfort of your own home.

What’s Included in the Program?

During these three days we will build an arc where we will guide you through a trinity of universal energies. Each day will be dedicated to a divinity that represents a different quality of the universe. Through yoga, breathwork and meditation practices, living food nutrition and shamanic journeying, together we will discover how to find balance between the three and to embrace whatever has to emerge from this transformation.

Thursday 30th of April

7pm  Opening Circle and Introduction

Friday 1st of May – Shiva the Destroyer

8-9:30am  Yoga Flow “Removing Obstacles” with Carlota

12pm  Breathwork & Pranayama

5pm  Yoga Workshop “Invoking Shiva”  with Malwina

6:30pm  Meditation on Letting Go

Saturday 2nd May – Vishnu the Restorer

8-9:30am  Yoga Flow “Cultivating Focus” with Morgan

12pm  Cooking Class “Living Foods” with Carlota

5-7pm  Restorative Class + Shamanic Journey with Malwina and Live Music

Sunday 3rd of May – Brahma the Creator

8-9:30am  Yoga Flow “Envision the Future” with Malwina

12pm  Closing Circle Ritual

5pm Spirit Sunday – “Embracing the 3 Energies” with Carlota, Morgan and Malwina

Who are the Teachers?
NowHere Yoga: Morgan, Carlota, Malwina

What do I Need?
In order to join this virtual retreat you only need to install ZOOM on your computer (see our Online Classes page for how to download and install it, step by step).
The rest is very easy… Just be present joining the Zoom sessions and making sure that you have your regular yoga props such as mat, blankets, cushion, and/or blocks. Once you sign up for the retreat we will send you a list of everything else you might need.

The cost for the entire retreat is:  69€

The price includes all classes and activities from the Thursday 30th April at 7pm to Sunday 3rd May at 5pm. By clicking on the following link you will be directed to the sign up form where you will be asked to enter your information and make the payment for the retreat.

See you online and on the mat!

*Este retiro se impartirá en Inglés. Si quieres clases particulares online en castellano por favor contacta con nosotros en

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