Saturday 29th August 10am-2pm & 4-7pm

Sunday 30th August  10am-2pm & 4-7pm


Dau al Sec

In central Barcelona

A weekend full of practice and learning with one of today’s most renowned yoga teachers from the West

Prices & Tickets

Earlybird prices until May 1st

180€ Full Series (4 Masterclasses)
55€ Individual Morning Session
45€ Individual Afternoon Session

SPECIAL 25% DISCOUNT AVAILABLE for participants in our 200h TEACHER TRAINING programs (this year: 27 July-28 August)

**This course will be fully in English


What will you learn in these sessions?

The world-renowned yoga teacher and physiotherapist Simon Borg-Olivier returns to Barcelona this year to continue the excellent annual series of masterclasses he has taught here since 2014. Distilling over 30 years of yoga teaching experience, Simon will be teaching key information to help you develop a safer and more effective yoga practice, in a unique style.

Addressing many of the main errors being made in the modern yoga world with regards to practice and teaching, Simon conveys his wealth of both research-based scientific knowledge and life-long personal experience in a clear and accessible way. These sessions will help you re-examine and improve your personal practice, as well as understand it at a deeper level.

During these workshops Simon will show you how to systematically work with your practice by teaching four fundamental principles of traditional yoga that are totally in line with modern concepts of strength and conditioning, and the science of exercise-based physiology and physiotherapy. These principles can help you develop a yoga practice that will enhance your health and well-being on physical, energetic and emotional levels.

More about Simon Borg-Olivier

Simon is co-director of one of Australia’s oldest and most well-respected studios, Yoga Synergy. The Yoga Synergy style is derived from the work of Professor T. Krishnamacharya. Sri Krishnamacharya was teacher to three of the most influential yoga masters alive today – Sri B.K.S. Iyengar (author of Light on Yoga), Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (who developed Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga) and Sri T.K.V. Desikachar (author of The Heart of Yoga).

The style has been developed by Simon and studio partner Bianca Machliss over 30 years and incorporates asanas (poses and postures), vinyasa (exercises) and pranayama (breathing control) and meditation. It’s a dynamic, moving meditation, which links specific yoga postures performed in sequence, with specific breathing patterns. It is very effective in developing strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, increasing energy and the ability to deal with stress. All postures taught have a simple and a more challenging version so – whether you’re a beginner or an advanced student, and depending on how you feel on the day – you’ll be able to choose the level of difficulty that suits you.

200h RYT Yoga Teacher Training

We are also very excited to announce a special residential Teacher Training with Simon and the NowHere Yoga teacher’s team, for the first time in Spain! We will be sharing 23 days of practice and deep teachings from the 1-23 of August at the beautiful Portavella retreat centre an hour away from Barcelona. All details can be found here and as noted above a special price is available for participants attending both the masterclass series and the TTC!

More Info & Contact

If you would like more information about the masterclasses, your trip to Barcelona or any other question please get in touch with us via email and we will be very happy to attend you!