Carlota Amargós – Synergy Vinyasa  Yoga

I discovered Yoga 7 years ago while living in London. As a full-time music student in the big city my life was sedentary and stressful – hours and hours practicing my instrument, the violin, with very demanding programs and teachers in a highly competitive environment, surviving with little money, but most of all, living an unhealthy lifestyle. The long hours of practicing the violin were starting to manifest in back pain and the complete lack of physical activity, together with an awful diet, started creating signs that I had to start taking care of myself.

In spite of my scepticism, I decided to try yoga on the recommendation of a friend. And that first yoga class was like a revelation to me. I remember feeling the limitations of my body and understanding that that wasn’t how human bodies should feel. While observing and admiring the amazing control of the body and breath of the person next to me, I realized that this would be the practice that would stay with me for the rest of my life.

In 2008 I moved to Michigan, USA, to continue my music studies and there I connected with the Yoga State community, where I studied vinyasa yoga with Jen Hayes, Christopher Venetis and Justin Barnes. As I was getting more into the practice I started to notice how yoga was affecting every aspect of my life – I was feeling better with my body, with myself and in my relationship with others, I was eating better, I gained confidence with music and with my own playing, and, in one word, I was happier. During my visits to Barcelona, my hometown, I studied and practiced with Amelie Strecker, who always motivated me to continue the work and deepen into my practice.

Yoga, like life, is a continuous flow, and it is when we stop this flow that the problems start to arise. In 2013 I decided to take the Teacher Training in Yogaroom Barcelona, and since then I combine teaching yoga with my music career. My classes are dynamic and energizing, finding challenge but in a conscious way, respecting the body’s needs. Emphasising the coordination of movement and breath, we look for a constant flowing movement that turns into a moving meditation.