Our Story…

Amrita Cacao was born from the clear guidance of the plant medicine itself speaking in ceremony. A sequence of magical events and encounters, intentional ceremony and the right support, created the message of starting a project for Cacao lovers in Barcelona, Spain and the rest of the World!

As human beings we have the capacity to channel the information that nature reveals and share it with one and other. Cacao shows us how to trust our intuition, how to be brave and jump into the unknown, how to embrace the change and trust in the process. What scares us is gold – it is there where the gems are hidden, ready to be polished and shine again!

Our highest mission is to bring the purest and best quality ceremonial grade Cacao that you will find for your personal daily use, for private rituals with family and friends, or for guided ceremonies with your community.

Why Amrita…

In Sanskrit, Amrita is the nectar of immortality that was gifted as a Drink for the Gods from churning the oceans of the world. This elixir of eternal Life and Bliss contains unknown substances and gives space to great speculation and mythology around its origin. Connected to the secretions of the pineal gland, it infers that this special elixir in fact resides within us and is released only when we achieve higher states of awareness. Although thousands of kilometres away, with a big ocean in between, the mystery of Amrita resonates with the myth of Cacao, which was venerated by the Maya in Mesoamerica. It is known that Cacao was truly worshipped as a sacred plant, and there was the belief that the Gods created man from maize and gave them cacao as food.
The tree of the Cacao is called Theobroma cacao, literally meaning Cacao, Food of the Gods. Unlike Amrita, we do know what the Cacao drink is made of. Although not the “nectar of eternal life”, it is known as a potent substance, used in ritual, and believed to connect humans between worlds. Its purity, high nutritional value and total safety in use makes Cacao one of the most appreciated plants in the planet, able to bring us back in touch with ourselves and Mother Earth.

We invite you to dive into a deep journey through the roots of the Earth, entering the softness and kindness of your own heart, and healing those blockages that have been with us sometimes for thousands of years. Healing the relationship with the planet, with each other and with ourselves.

What’s ceremonial cacao?

Ka’kau was the original name the Mayans gave to what they considered a magical plant. Used in ritual, as an offering to the Gods, in marriage ceremony and as a drink to share in shamanic circles, Cacao represented the divine in the cultures of Mesoamerica. The Mayan myth of creation said that God made men out of corn, and then a “plumed serpent” offered them cacao to drink and become humans with all the wisdom of nature.

It did not take long for the first colonialists to witness the power that Cacao had in the indigenous traditions. Once they recognised the intrinsic value of the plant they started using it as currency, bringing sacks of Cacao beans across the ocean to serve the aristocrats and the royalty of Spain on demand, and later on, the whole of Europe. Although they were not impressed at first by the bitterness of its taste, they soon discovered that mixing it with sugar made the stimulating beverage much more appealing for the citizens of the Old World.

In the last centuries we lost the veneration for this unique plant medicine that not only allow us to reconnect with nature and its wisdom but that it also contains dozens of beneficial properties for our body, mind and wellbeing. The chocolate product is what we mainly know nowadays, but the cacao plant is still growing strong all over the Ecuator, giving us the opportunity to experience it in its purest form.

Ceremonial grade cacao consists of the cacao beans ground up in a stone mill after tbeing fermented in their own pulp and lightly roasted. The beans then turn into a paste that solidifies at room temperature. Ceremonial grade cacao does not contain any added substance nor sweeteners, and it supports the ethics of an organic product, 100% pure, fairtrade and minimally manipulated. All of that, together with a clear vision and intention when consumed creates a whole different experience that has little to do with our understanding of modern chocolate.

The botanical name given to the cacao tree is Theobroma Cacao, which in Greek, literally means: Cacao Food of the Gods.

A Cacao ceremony in the modern world is an opportunity for us to get together in circle and create a space for personal inquiry and deep transformation. Using Cacao as a catalyst to guide us through an internal journey, the wisdom of the plant medicine will help us clarify our place in this world, our relationship with nature and the direction of our next steps.

Cacao’s subtle medicine will ignite your intuition, creativity and inner power, and will guide you through each step of the journey, allowing you to receive its gifts with gratitude.

Buy Amrita Cacao

Amrita Cacao supports the ancient practice of cacao as a ceremonial drink by offering the purest and finest quality of ceremonial grade cacao. A complete journey from seed to cup that will transport you to the origins of this enchanting plant used as medicine and as a means to connect with our highest Self.

Our Cacao comes from  the beautiful Finca Cuyancúa in the rain forest of El Salvador. This was Mayan land where some of the first varieties of Cacao criollo were found. There are still some autochthonous varieties that are only found in this part of the World and that grow wild in the forest.

Now you can have this beautiful plant of the jungle in your own home, completling the cycle of intentionality from seed to cup.


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How to prepare your ceremonial cacao

42g of Amrita Cacao provides a full ceremonial dose. Make sure you allow enough time for the Cacao to have its effect on your body, and also be aware of the time of the day as it can affect your sleep. For a more casual drink or milder dose we recommend 20-25g.

  1. Boil 250ml of water (you can add your favorite spices into the water already!)
  2. Cut the cacao in small pieces
  3. Once the water has boiled, take off the stove.
  4. Add the cacao and stir constantly for about 5-7min or until it dissolves completely and the swirling has disappeared.
  5. Add ground spices that you might like – such as cinammon, clove, cardamom, anis, chilly, and a pinch of salt
  6. Serve in a beautiful cup, set your intention and enjoy the journey!


“Amrita is the elixir of immortality and Cacao the food of the Gods”